Satanic Lyrics summon the Undead for Aspiring Rockers in DETHGASM


Year: 2015

Distributor/Country: Dark Sky Films (U.S)/New Zealand

Category: Undead/zombie

TRT: 1 hour, 26 minutes

The premise of the loser teenager as an unlikely hero is anything but new. Deathgasm takes some old fashioned ideas and turns them into something really fun. Set in the early ninety’s before cell phones and iPods but long after metal’s heyday of the eighties, headbanger Brodie finds himself in a new town with no friends. Living with extended family that hates him, his only escape is into the world of Heavy Metal. After befriending some other misfits and starting his own band, Brodie discovers previously unreleased lyrics from a metal icon. Although warned about unspeakable evil that will be unleashed if the song is played aloud, Brodie and the band do what all teenage boys would do, they play it.

The movie is like a cross between Evil Dead, Detroit Rock City and Shawn of the Dead and almost as much fun. The despicable characters are truly rotten and the heroes are genuinely likable for the most part. The story moves and at 86 minutes, it does not drag on too long. The acting is solid and the horror effects are on par with any major studio. It misses just a little because the metal soundtrack was not familiar to us. Maybe some old favorites from the 80’s would have added to the mood. There is also at least one too many genital jokes but overall, Deathgasm is fun ride.

Originality: 8
Acting/Script: 8
Plot: 8
Gore: 9
Production value: 8

FINAL CUT SCORE  (41) = 82%

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