Wealthy vacationers pay big money to kill zombies at The Rezort.

Year: 2015

Country: UK/Spain/Belgium

Category: Undead/zombie

TRT: 93 minutes

The theme crosses between Westworld and Day of the Dead. The outbreak of the zombie virus is in the past. Many have died but the world lives on. A corporation opens an amusement park on a Atlantic island where rich people can hunt and kill zombies. Basically, some guilt-free killing. Whether motivated by revenge or thrills, people can take out their frustration on undead, flesh-eating former people. Of course, something-goes-wrong.

The story is actually an interesting take on an addictive genre that has had a lot of stale offerings lately. Let’s face it, with AMC’s The Walking Dead taking a four month mid-season  hiatus every year, we get pretty desperate.

The Rezort has some decent plot twists and they are not insulting to the viewer. You might see them coming but they at least make some degree of sense. The main characters only hint at their background story. They are also relatively obnoxious or otherwise unlikable. It takes away the desire to care what happens to these people. Other sub-characters are more interesting but are not in the story long enough to tell anything. The CEO of the resort is mentioned in early news reports, establishing her as an important character but she appears just a few times in the film. Unfortunately, she comes across as a stereotypical, cardboard cutout of a callous CEO. We get very little, if any background and insight to her motives and history.

The Rezort takes a fun concept and tries to make it into something good  but it just comes up a little short. It just feels rushed, like a video game released for the Christmas season when it would have been much better had it remained in development for another few months.

Originality: 8

Acting/Script: 6

Plot: 9

Appropriate gore: 8

Production value: 8

Final Cut score (39) 78%

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