Luna De Miel

Jorge is a surgeon who is trying desperately to meet his beautiful (and married) neighbor, Isabel. He studies her routine for chance meetings. As his obsession grows, he moves forward with a plan to make Isabel his bride. The first item on the agenda will be to kidnap her in the hopes she will fall for him. If she resists, she will learn to love him-or else.

Jorge seems to have a lot of time on his hands. In spite of being a physically competent surgeon, he does not work. He also appears to be wealthy, possibly from an inheritance but we never quite get any details, there. Some possible background information appears in newspaper clipping shots; unfortunately without Spanish-English translation.

Luna De Miel (English name-Honeymoon) does not give us much more than the formulaic “stalker in love” story. There are aspects that definitely seem inspired by Misery. We have seen the story of women chained in the basement before. We generally know how it goes.

The actors carry the film fairly well in spite of the slow pace. Intentional or not, there is a nice homage to Princess Leia’s time with Jabba the Hut.

Anytime we encounter a demented surgeon, we can expect some scalpels and needles. We see the needles a lot and although infrequent, the more hardcore effects are convincing.

We tend to give the international films a little more slack because they are either consistently better than the soft PG13 U.S. horror movies or they just take chances the American studios are afraid to take. Honeymoon is one of those films It takes a few risks and shakes up the story just enough to maintain interest. It is not a memorable film to run out and tell all of your friends about. You will not feel cheated out of your time, either.

Year: 2016

Country: Mexico


TRT: 96 minutes




Appropriate gore-8

Production value-7

Final Cut 37.5 (75%)

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