Lake Mungo

After 16-year-old Alice Palmer drowns while swimming, her family begins to experience strange events at their home. They reluctantly hire a parapsychologist to investigate. They begin to uncover clues about Alice’s life, much of which the teenager kept very secret.

Lake Mungo has an interesting story and the pseudo-documentary format works very well with the content. The production value is top-notch. The film looks like a professional documentary, complete with television news videos and interviews with family friends and investigators. There is some hand-held cell video in parts of the film but it is not nearly as annoying as the dramatic camera shaking in many found-footage projects. The actors portraying Alice’s family and acquaintances are certainly convincing as they try to make sense of the events leading up to and after her death.

Lake Mungo is a difficult film to categorize. It is not necessarily a horror movie nor is it a thriller or a drama. There is a distinct lack of scares but the atmosphere and story carry the film and there are a few solid chills. It is not the most memorable film you will ever see but it is disturbing and engaging enough for horror fans who appreciate good storytelling and relatively safe for those who prefer a creepy story without a lot of gore.


Originality 8

Acting/Script 8

Plot 8

Appropriate gore 8

Production Value 9

Final Cut Score. 41 (82%)


  1. I like the idea of this film already. I enjoy psychological thrillers as well as supernatural stories. This is right up my alley. The trailer looks unsettling. You are correct, the docu-style does work well. Good review, Rick!

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