Phase 7

Two neighbors band together to protect their families when tenants of their own apartment building abandon civilized behavior in the midst of a global pandemic.

Martin and Pipi are a young couple trying to ride out the early stages of a nasty pandemic. The couple is expecting their first child in two months and they are hoping the crisis passes relatively quickly.

After a few days, government agents summon Martin and a handful of other tenants from the new apartment building to a meeting in the lobby to advise them the building will be placed under quarantine. Everyone remains calm at first but the stress eventually takes its toll. It becomes clear to Martin that the only way he can protect Pipi and himself is to follow Horatio; the crazy, survivalist tenant on the forth floor who has been preparing for an event like this for years. They not only must protect themselves from the virus but also from their own neighbors.

The plague striking Argentina and every other country on the planet is a variation of the flu that renders people confused and extremely delirious moments before death. There is no zombie re- animation for those infected, just certain death.

The story starts a little slow but it is not without reason. The pandemic is just getting started at the beginning of the film and the characters have not yet figured out this might be the end of the world as they know it.

Martin and Pipi are an interesting couple. Pipi exhibits the normal mood swings encountered by pregnant women and sometimes seems completely oblivious to their plight. Horatio is almost happy he finally gets a chance to prove his paranoia was not unfounded. As the tenants try to cope with the increasingly bead news being reported on television, the interactions with other neighbors quickly becomes the heart of the story. Food supplies begin to dwindle. People start to get sick. Who can be trusted? Who needs to go?

There is a lot of dark humor in Phase 7 and the actors have some fun with the roles. The word “dickhead” is used often and somehow sounds funnier in Spanish with English subtitles.

With the entire story set in and around the apartment building, some may get a little bored but the pace is reasonable and the humor alone will hold interest.

Phase 7 is a fun, original addition to a very small collection of non-zombie pandemic movies out there.

Originality 8

Acting/Script 8

Plot 8

Appropriate gore 8

Production Value 8

Final Cut Score. 40. (80%)

Cutting Room note: We always post links to the official trailers. This US version is awful. It must have been decided by a distributor that a generic, heavy metal soundtrack was more effective than just being up front with the audience about the subtitles. It was the best we could locate. Apologies. -Rick

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