We Go On

An agoraphobic man who is terrified of dying offers a $30,000 reward to anyone who can prove there is an afterlife.


Miles Grissom suffers from agorophobia, an anxiety disorder that causes fear and panic in situations where the person feels he or she may not be able to escape if necessary. Miles does not drive. He rarely goes out alone and his mother accompanies him on occasion to help alleviate his fear. While he can venture out on his own for a short time, Miles cannot overcome his fear of death.

When he inherits some money, Miles places an ad offering a reward to anyone who can provide proof of life after death. His mother reluctantly agrees to help. After sorting through a number of hoax calls and emails, a few stand out as possible contenders but Miles may soon wish he never placed that ad.

The story is a little moody but intriguing from the start. We know right away that Miles has some trouble living a normal life. He is not the most interesting character, though. His mother, portrayed by Annette O’Toole, steals every scene in which she appears; wrestling with her own demons as she tries to keep it together for her adult son.

We Go On does have some obstacles that keep it from being truly engaging. There are some subplots that go nowhere and are never revisited.

There are plenty of horror movies involving haunted houses but not many about haunted people. Most tend to focus on demonic possession but only a few like the Sixth Sense and Stir of Echoes really demonstrate the emotional turmoil of someone who sees ghosts. We Go On makes a solid effort without relying on on jump scares. There is some steady creepiness and some really good chills that give it enough appeal to make it worth a look.


Originality 8

Acting/Script 9

Plot 8

Appropriate gore 7

Production Value 7

Final Cut Score  39 (78%)

Side note: Be on the lookout for a possible nod to the Hellraiser franchise. You’ll know it when you see it.  –Rick


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