The gates of hell open during a vacation to Jerusalem.


During a vacation in Israel, two young American women, Sarah and Rachel decide to spend a few days in Jerusalem with Kevin, an anthropology student conducting some religious research. Although the visit seems to be a never ending party, they eventually become trapped in the city during what appears to be the the end of days, complete with winged demon zombies.

The film opens with video from a 1972 documentary about a dead woman returning from the grave and then promptly changes to found footage of Sarah preparing for her trip.

The movie is shot almost entirely from Sarah’s Google Glass. This is moderately annoying from the start. Although the camera shaking is not nearly as bad as in some other movies, the pop-up display and voice commands are nothing more than a distraction; “Glass, take a picture. Glass, what time is it,” etc.

The Jerusalem scenery is relatively wasted as the first 40 minutes is dedicated to the city’s nightlife and the girls partying. Absolutely nothing happens for the first half of the film. When the scares finally arrive, some are okay but for the most part, they are jump scares in the dark.

The concept of opening the gates of hell in Jerusalem is fairly original but the idea does not get the background it needs. The acting is adequate but the characters have no real development. Visually, there is minimal gore. The special effects are lackluster and the Jerusalem backdrop is nothing more than that, a backdrop. This trip to Jerusalem is not worth taking.


Originality 8

Acting/Script 6

Plot 6

Appropriate gore 7

Production value 7

Final Cut score 34=68%


  1. No real explanation of why the gates to hell opened. Cloverfield with undead…I did like Cloverfield but this wasn’t done nearly as well. The blonde reminded me of a cross between Jerri Ryan and the nun from Saving Silverman, which was the best thing about the whole movie.

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  2. Movies like this are so annoying, Rick. They have so much promise and then they don’t deliver. Yeah, look Google Glass is bitchin’. Terrific, give that 5 minutes then let’s play up the angle upon religious conventions like the idea of heaven vs 2nd heaven, a battle of the forces of good and evil in the holiest place on earth…….too bad the opportunity was wasted. Good review.


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