A father makes the mistake of dressing as a clown for his son’s party.


After a scheduling conflict cancels the performer for his son’s birthday party, realtor Kent McCoy is looking for a way to save the day. He finds a clown costume in the attic of a home for sale and promptly arrives as “Dummo.” The party goes well but at the end of the evening, Kent cannot remove the nose, makeup or clothing. As his appearance and behavior begin to change, Kent discovers more about the sinister history of the costume.

Clowns scare people. It is probably more difficult to find someone who likes clowns than it is to find someone who will gladly tell you how much he or she hates them. From the start of the film, we are reminded of that attitude toward clowns but it does not take away from the fun.

The story is well-paced. There may be a few extra background elements missing that would be nice in a director’s cut. For example, Kent just happens to find a suit at an open house at just the right time. Was it a coincidence or did the suit choose him? It is not necessarily important but the sequence does seem a little rushed.

Kent is a likable character, the acting and script are solid and the plot makes sense, at least as much as a story about an evil clown suit can make sense.

Considering this is an Eli Roth film, there is not a lot of gore compared to his other projects. The subject matter and content is probably what brought about the “R” rating.

Clown is an interesting take on the folklore surrounding people in makeup and red noses and the creepy vibe most of us get from them. It isn’t particularly scary but it is entertaining.


Originality 9

Acting/Script 8

Plot 8

Appropriate gore 7.5

Production Value 8

Final Cut Score.  (81%)



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