The Battery


The Battery is set just over three months after a zombie apocalypse. Ben and Mickey are former minor-league baseball players traveling what’s left of the country trying to survive.

Although they were teammates, they don’t necessarily like each other. Ben is obnoxious but he has accepted the new world. Mickey longs for a girlfriend and wants his old life back.  As they encounter zombies and other dangers, they are forced to rely on each other to survive.

The story resembles something that could be a parallel world of The Walking Dead with a change of setting to Connecticut. The problem with The Battery is it moves slow, really slow. The story is more about the relationship between the two characters than anything else.

The two men move from place to place with seemingly nothing happening for days. They run into the occasional zombie but the interactions are nothing special.

The special make-up effects are lackluster. After several months in the summer heat, you might think the zombies would decompose a little but most of that is left to the imagination as the zombies look more like healthy  people in zombie make-up. The special effects budget is not always going to be stellar but with a little more effort, the zombies could have been a little more interesting.

The actors do their best to carry the story. Neither of the characters are very likable. Mickey spends a lot of time trying to escape to The old world by listening to music on headphones. Ben just plain angry.

This movie is a real disappointment because a lot of reviews have described The Battery as  a unique take on the zombie genre. Some may find it endearing when the two men find an apple orchard and spend the day holding batting practice with apples but the film spends too much time trying to show how humanity of the characters. There is some artistry to exploring the relationship between two teammates on a baseball team who never really knew each other but that’s about it. The rest of it is just kind of dull. There are some other interactions and a few tense scenes that could go somewhere but they just fizzle out.

This version of the zombie apocalypse may be very realistic. Maybe most of the world would be deserted, especially out in the country. The Battery may have worked really well as a short film but for an hour and 40 minutes, it just feels more like a lot of filler.

U.S.- 2012

Originality 7

Acting/Script 7

Plot 6

Appropriate gore 7

Production value 7

Final Cut Score  34 = 68%


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