The Devil’s Candy

Jesse and his wife, Astrid get a bargain on their Texas dream home. The realtor explains two deaths occurred in the house, hence the low-price. The struggling artist immediately moves Astrid and his teenage daughter, Zooey into their new space. It is not long before Jesse is consumed with uncontrollable creativity. His suddenly disturbing paintings and an unwelcome visit from a former occupant offer a glimpse into the home’s sinister past (and present).

The Devil’s Candy is one of the most original takes on the demonic house genre in a while. It starts out strong and although there is not a lot of action, it is a great ride that holds interest from beginning to end.

The acting and supporting cast are excellent. Ethan Embry carries most of the film as Jesse and Kiara Glasgo is especially convincing as Zooey, a young heavy metal fan trying to survive high school. Tony Amendola has a cameo as an eccentric art dealer.

There is little, if any degree of gore in this film. It is not really necessary. Most of the scares are brought about through suspense.

The Devil’s Candy takes a not-so-average family trying to deal with everyday struggles like the worries of paying bills and parenting; placing them in a terrible situation where they are face-to-face with pure evil. This one is a true standout.


Originality 10

Acting/Script 10

Plot 10

Appropriate gore 9

Production Value 9

Final Cut Score. 48. (96%)


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