Dark Tenet-Short Film

Three friends are enjoying a quiet evening at a cabin in the woods when a young woman practically kicks in the door. She begs to come in; screaming about people chasing her. The barely dressed woman explains she escaped from a cult and they are coming for her. The occupants must now decide their next move as the stalkers close in on the cabin.

This short film has some good qualities. The three friends appear to be young adults with jobs trying to enjoy a weekend instead of wealthy high-school or college kids on spring break. It’s a refreshing change from the standard “group of teens trapped with a psycho” formula. The atmospheric lighting and the early 80’s decor of the cabin gives it a fun look.

With most of the 5-minute plus film is set inside the cabin, it could easily be made into a live-action play if it were longer. Unfortunately, the film ends just as the story is really starting to develop.

It can be extremely difficult to tell a complex story in under six minutes and the producers hope to extend this into a feature film in the future. Overall, it is a solid production worth the short time investment but Dark Tenet is a first act in need of an “Act II.”

Dark Tenet is currently streaming on Amazon Prime.

U.S.- 2017

Originality 8

Acting/Script 8

Plot 7

Appropriate gore 8

Production value 8

Final Cut Score 39 = 78%



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