The Babysitter

Cole Johnson is a teenage boy afraid of just about everything. He is a little sheltered and the only kid in the neighborhood who still needs a babysitter. His classmates bully him without mercy. His only friends are his neighbor, Melanie and the babysitter, Bee. When Cole’s parents plan a weekend getaway, Melanie tells Cole what babysitters do with their boyfriends after the kids go to sleep. Determined to prove her wrong, Cole stays up late to keep an eye on Bee and things take a very unexpected turn.

The Babysitter is billed as a horror-comedy. It hits the mark in both areas. The story is unique and fun from the start. Cole and Bee are endearing characters. The horror angles are entertaining and although it tries a little too hard to be funny sometimes, Judah Lewis’s (Cole) deadpan delivery helps salvage some of the forced jokes.

The two lead actors are perfectly cast but everyone in the film is enjoyable, even the bullies. In addition to the laughs, it is still a genuine horror movie with plenty of gore. There are some definitive references to the ‘Friday the 13th’ franchise. The special horror effects are quite good with minimal CGI. At least, it seems minimal since it is not very noticeable.

The Babysitter is a campy, fun horror-comedy. It is set in present day but it has an 80’s feel without being hokey. It’s the perfect film for people who say they don’t like horror movies but secretly want something with a few thrills.



Originality 9

Acting/Script 9

Plot 9

Appropriate gore 9

Production Value 9

Final Cut Score: 45=90%

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