Girls Night (short film)



Alyson is hosting a small gathering with her closest friends for Halloween night. The young women enjoy some wine, snacks and a few scary movies throughout the evening but they may not be entirely alone.

‘Girls Night’ is written and directed by David Teixeira. Genuine, believable characters from talented actors and realistic dialogue invite the audience to the small slumber party.

The costume design is very original with make-up effects that are subtle and disturbing at the same time. Look for a few references to some horror classics, too.

‘Girls Night’ has some fun camera angles and plot developments that honor the horror movies of the 70’s in the sub-genre. The only real disappointment in this one is it leaves us wanting more. Teixeira has announced a sequel is in production, though.

As of this writing, ‘Girls Night’ is available on YouTube and well worth the 13 minute investment.

Originality 8
Acting/Script 8
Plot 8
Appropriate gore/visual effects 9
Production Value 9
Final Cut Score: = 42  84%






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