Revelation Trail

In 1882, two criminals, Isaiah and Jakob, attack a family outside of a frontier town. Jakob is bitten by a family member he thought was dead. He unknowingly brings a nasty virus to the town and it spreads quickly, infecting most of the citizens. The preacher and the marshal escape and begin a journey to find help in the surrounding area but the help might be more dangerous than the infected.

Directed by John P. Gibson, ‘Revelation Trail’ follows the town preacher (Daniel Van Thomas) and the marshal (Daniel Britt) as they try to make sense of their experience. They have apparently always had a good relationship even if they have differing opinions on the meaning of life. The plot avoids the cliché of the two main characters hating each other and being forced to work together. The action comes and goes. There are some slow spots but the story sustains itself.

The infected are also unique; re-animating very quickly after death and attacking in a rabid fashion early but slowing down over time.

Some of the supporting cast is a little lackluster but the two main characters are well acted. Daniel Britt delivers some especially compelling lines as the marshal reflects on his own sins over the years.

The special effects are effective with make-up and wounds that are convincing without appearing too gory. The sounds of the gunshots are a little quiet but probably a lot more realistic than the booming blasts found in studio action movies.

Overall, the film could have benefitted from some additional money to boost the production value but the filmmakers do an admirable job with the budget. The costume and set design are quite good, providing a believable old west atmosphere.

‘Revelation Trail’ is an original take on the zombie genre that should appeal to fans who want something fresh. The film is currently available on DVD and Amazon Prime.

Originality 9
Acting/Script 7.5
Plot 8
Appropriate gore/visual effects 7.5
Production Value 8
Final Cut Score: = 80%


–Rick Bryan


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