It Stains the Sands Red

Exotic dancer Molly and her boyfriend, Nick narrowly
escape a zombie outbreak in Las Vegas. While making
their way to friends waiting at an airfield about 30 miles
outside of town, their car is disabled and the couple is
relentlessly pursued by a lone zombie. Molly will need to
summon strength she never knew she had if she is to
survive this much time with Nick, the unforgiving desert
and a determined zombie.

When it seems there are no more stories left to tell, “It
Stains the Sands Red” offers a new, original take on the
undead genre.

‘It Stains the Sands Red’ is written and directed by
Colin Minihan. Genuine, believable characters from a small
cast of talented actors and realistic dialogue offer a
glimpse into Molly’s questionable circle of associates
before the outbreak.

Brittany Allen is extremely convincing as Molly, not only struggling to
survive the trip to the airfield but also reflecting on every
bad life decision she has ever made.
The costume design and make-up effects are on-par
with any big budget zombie film.

Open, wide angle shots emphasize the lonely and
brutally hot journey through the desert, even if Molly
does not seem to be affected by the heat as much as
you might expect.

As of this writing, ‘It Stains the Sands Red’ is available on
Shudder. In spite of a few slow moments in the story, it’s
a welcome, solid, original entry into a genre saturated
with unoriginal material. Worth a look.

Originality 9
Acting/Script 9
Plot 8
Appropriate gore/visual effects 8
Production Value 9

Final Cut Score: =  86%

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