Girls Night 2

Set one year after the brutal murders in the original short film, ‘Girl’s Night 2’ catches up with Jess (Marina de Sousa), who is still trying to cope with the events of that night. In an effort to help ease her suffering from recurring nightmares where she finds herself helpless in front of a masked killer, her friend Pierre (Vincent Conty) invites her to spend some time with him at his house for the night. As her nightmares and panic attacks worsen, she believes the killer may not be finished with her.

Like the first film, ‘Girls Night 2’ is written and directed by David Teixeira. The sequel is a little darker (literally and figuratively) and moodier than the original. Jess is understandably depressed and on edge throughout the story, beginning to have trouble distinguishing dreams from reality.

The slightly androgynous killer returns with the same look and the smiling mask and is still as creepy as ever.

‘Girls Night 2’ feels like a bridge to a third act of an ongoing storyline. In spite of a very limited budget, Teixeira takes an artistic approach to his work and avoids cheap jump scares, which is always refreshing.

The film works as a standalone story because the audience does not necessarily need to see the original movie. It will have significantly more impact for those who have seen the original and it would certainly help with some of the plot points, though. A little extra detail on the immediate aftermath of the murders and more on the killer’s motive might have helped the story along but maybe that will be revealed in the next film, if there is one.

‘Girls Night 2’ is currently making its rounds at the festivals and the original is available online.

Originality 8
Acting/Script 8
Plot 8
Appropriate gore/visual effects 8
Production Value 8
Final Cut Score: = 80%

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