Green Room

Members of a transient punk band called “The Ain’t Rights” are struggling to land gigs. They play empty shows that cost more in gas to get there than the overall payment. They have an old-fashioned style and shy away from social media, hoping word of mouth will help garner a following. Hope is fading when a freelance radio reporter connects them with the promoter for a skinhead bar offering solid cash for a set. When lead singer, Pat (played by the late Anton Yelchin) witnesses a crime inside the establishment, they discover this might be their last performance.

Green Room has a top-notch cast that includes Sir Patrick Stewart as the sophisticated yet intense bar owner, Darcy. His smooth delivery makes the character simultaneously sinister and respectable. He does not need to carry the movie, though; the entire cast works with a well-written script.

The story plays out like a foreign film with very little unnecessary dialogue. The actors convey the mood visually throughout much of the film. The plot might seem a little far-fetched to an audience looking for holes but even as the intensity builds and things go from bad to worse, the story remains at least semi-plausible.

The film does not disappoint horror fans with a constant feeling of claustrophobic suspense and some realistic gore effects offering just enough of a shock without being vulgar. Green Room is highly recommended.

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