The Night Eats The World


A man living in Paris awakens the morning after a party to discover the city is now deserted with the exception of hordes of fast, hungry zombies.

Sam visits his ex-girlfriend’s apartment to collect some of his belongings. Unfortunately, she and her sleazy new boyfriend are hosting a crazy party in what appears to be a huge apartment. After bumping his head with a drunken party-goer, an exhausted Sam finds a quiet room where he collects his things and falls asleep. He awakens to find himself alone in the ransacked apartment; the walls streaked with blood.

It is a simple premise and it has been done before but the Paris apartment setting and lack of explanation surrounding the cause of the zombie virus makes the story idea intriguing.

The theme of loneliness is prevalent from the beginning. Although set in France, Sam appears to be an American struggling to live overseas. The horror aspects of the story have plenty of build-up but Sam spends so much time alone, fortifying his stronghold that it simply takes too long for anything of interest to occur. When it does, it is difficult to care.

The film is almost a one man show and for the most part, Sam (portrayed admirably by
Anders Danielsen Lie) is a likable character trying to fight off impending madness from living in total isolation over time.

The Night Eats the World has a bit of an art house feel with a brooding, claustrophobic  atmosphere. The production value is solid and respectable but the story does not seem to follow through very much after the initial hook. There are a few more tense moments but not enough to sustain the plot.

If you like the “lone hero wakes up” formula, you have probably already checked out 28 Days Later or The Walking Dead series. This one is a bit of a disappointment.

The Night Eats the World is available on several streaming platforms including Amazon Prime.


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