Hell House, LLC. Lake of Fire


Wealthy and mysterious entrepreneur, Russell Wynn buys the infamous Abaddon Hotel with plans to produce a live, interactive theater experience called “Insomnia”. A documentary film crew is embedded with the cast and production team to offer a behind the scenes look at the endeavor. As opening night approaches, the team starts to question whether the rumors of evil lurking within the old building may be real.

Hell House, LLC. Lake of Fire begins with a slow burn and pays off after the build-up. The story is gripping and some of the creepier scenes will keep the blood pressure high for the rest of your night. With the introduction of Mr. Wynn and his new idea for the hotel, the plot is fresh and at times, terrifying, taking the audience in a new direction without sacrificing any of the chills and backstory of the previous films.  The third and final entry of the series uses some clips from the other “documentaries” to provide some history on the 2009 tragedy at the Abaddon Hotel and other occurrences that followed. It would still be most enjoyable after watching the other movies simply for the purpose of getting caught up on the story.

The actors are all solid in their performances. The entire cast appears to be genuinely excited about the project and into their characters.

Like the other films in the series, there is very little gore; relying on other very effective ways to unnerve the audience.

The entire Hell House series is recommended for any horror fan.  The hybrid combination of documentary and found footage works very well and keeps the story moving. Hell House, LLC. Lake of Fire is a fitting, chilling conclusion to a fantastic horror series.

Check-in early when The Abaddon Hotel opens its doors one last time on September 19 on Shudder.


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