Patrons attending an extreme haunted house attraction discover the actors inside may not be acting and getting out really will be a matter of life or death.

Seasoned horror fans and movie fans in general likely roll their eyes in disgust when they see any description beginning with “Six college students…something, something, something, something.”  This cliché formula seems to show up all over the place, consisting of copycat plots and stereotypical caricatures of whatever fits the filmmakers’ idea of teen behavior.

Haunt is a little different. The story may not seem very original on the surface but the final product delivers a fresh angle to the “escape a bad place” concept.  The script is solid and does not waste a lot of time with forced dialogue. One refreshing and noticeable trait is the lack of unnecessary F-bombs.  There are a few here and there but not without merit.

The actors are believable, portraying characters who are actually fairly human and with one exception, they are generally likable.

The plot moves along at an even pace with most of the film set inside the attraction. There are a few occasions where the audience will need to suspend some disbelief but it does not minimize the entertainment value.

The gore is not over-the-top but it is definitely effective and some of the violence is quite intense. Haunt is a wild, fun ride for the Halloween season but be warned, it is not for the faint of heart.  Haunt premieres on Shudder Wednesday, October 23rd.

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