About Rick’s Cutting Room

We created this site for horror fans because WE are horror fans. We post reviews of movies new and old, good and bad, mainstream and independent.

The critics in the Cutting Room are dedicated horror fans who understand there is no place for spoiling a movie in a review. No one needs the entire plot spoon-fed to them in a review so we will not ruin it for you, even for the bad ones.You’ll get a brief description of the movie, our review and the final cut score.

We will let you know you whether a film is the next Halloween or Night of the Living Dead or if it deserves to be burned like Carrie’s high school. Most of all, we can waste time on the bad ones so you don’t. We will help you decide if it is worth your time and money.

One other thing; we promise to never, ever review anything from the Twilight series!

Of course, when the sun finally rises, we are still just fans giving our opinion so let us know what you think. If we liked the worst movie ever made, tell us why. If we hated a masterpiece, prove us wrong. Whether you agree with us or not, we are grateful you stopped by and hope our shared interest in horror movies keeps you coming back.

-Rick and Amy