Guest Critic’s Crypt


We welcome opinions of other fans, too. If you would like to be a guest critic, use our contact page to submit your own review. Whether you want to praise your favorite director or blow off some steam and trash a worthless mess, we may post it on the main page. Just make sure it is one we have not already reviewed (For the ones we have already done, please feel free to leave a comment, instead).

As Negan says, THERE…ARE…RULES:

-Keep the swearing at a reasonable level. PG-13 usually makes for a garbage horror movie but we do like to keep the site safe for work viewing.

-Keep it reasonably brief. We only have so much room.

-We may not post your review. We will probably post most submissions but we can’t guarantee because there me be some that simply are not appropriate for the site.

-YOU WILL NOT BE PAID!  C’mon, it is just a blog. If you want to be paid, send it to a magazine or something. If you take that route, we wish you the best. We do this for fun so don’t submit it if you want to be paid for it.

-Let us know if you want your name on it. We typically don’t bother with a byline for ourselves but you are welcome to leave your name or an alias if you like.

-If you have a website, we are happy to link to it so feel free to send the web address.

-Just send text. You may have noticed we like to put the youtube trailer on the blog. We can handle tracking down the links for the movie it available so don’t worry about any visuals.

-Don’t forget to use the Final Cut scale and categories in your review.