Don’t Grow Up

When a group of kids in an island group home are left alone in the building, they run amuck, doing some hardcore drinking and engaging in other assorted stupidity. They venture into town, finding the streets deserted after a civil emergency lockdown.

They discover the emergency is far worse than a minor disturbance; a virus has transformed all remaining adults into murderous zombies. Two of the kids, Bastion and Perle set off on a dangerous trek to lead the group off the island.
Don’t Grow Up takes a great idea and does almost nothing with it. The concept is original and has a lot of potential but the story drags for the first 15 minutes and when it picks up (admittedly, it does have some intensity), it does not sustain it. After a couple of good scenes that remind the audience these kids are in a desperate battle to survive, the story devolves into a boring romance/drama.

There are some major plot problems. The kids are understandably in the dark with no knowledge about what happened but they do not even question it. They blissfully start trashing the group home with no interest on what might have happened. There was apparently no warning. The entire staff at the group home is missing. No security, no clinicians, nothing. One attendant is seen leaving at the beginning of the film but as far as the audience can tell, this virus must have happened overnight. It would still stand to reason that at least one person on the staff might have attacked someone, alerting the kids something was happening.

The film tries to be an arthouse production instead of a straightforward horror movie and it falls short on both angles.

France 2015

Originality 8
Acting/Script 6
Plot 5
Appropriate gore/visual effects 7
Production Value 7
Final Cut Score: =66

Apologies for the French trailer. Although the film is available in dubbed English, i could not locate an english trailer online.–Rick Bryan

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