Duérmete Nin᷈o -short film

This short film is set in a 1940’s apartment occupied by a woman and her newborn twins. The movie begins with radio news reports describing recent disappearances of young children, all under age 2 and takes place over the course of one long night. Shortly after turning in for the night, the baby monitor elicits disturbing chatter and terrifying screams.

The story is certainly original. The 1940’s set design and visual and sound effects create an authentic feel. The script dialogue consists solely of the radio broadcast and the baby monitor but actress Piercey Dalton adeptly conveys her character’s emotions without any spoken word; a challenge for any performer.

Duérmete Nin᷈o is a new take on the Boogeyman tale with an old look.  With a run time just under ten minutes, the plot moves at an even pace, building tension throughout. Ms. Dalton’s performance alone makes it worthy of a viewing. Is this sleep-deprived mom losing her mind or is there something more sinister at work?

Duérmete Nin᷈o premieres online Friday, October 25th at dnshortfilm.com.


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